Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow time !

Morning all, as I have an unexpected day off work today I thought I would share my snowy pictures with you all, seeing as that is the reason I am at home. I dashed outside to take these a few minuted ago, it doesn't look too bad at the front of the house, but below is the back garden, it looks so pretty so I took this before the children go out and spoil it all !

Then I went back round to the front of the house and took this one of the road, a real Christmas card photo with the old fashioned phone box covered in snow, it was snowing much harder than it was when I took the one of the house, looks like things are going to get worse as this heavy snow is foreacst for us all day today, still, the heat is on, I am warm and the children are happy, that will do for me !

Hope you are all tucked up safe and warm,
Claire xx


Jane said...

Oh I love snow pictures, thanks for sharing, love the one with the phone box. hugs, Jane xx

Kylie said...

It seems so crazy when here in Australia we are having weather in places reaching above 40 degrees celcius and we have air conditioners on. It actually cools you down a little when you see such beautiful snow pics like these.

Kylie xo

Aimes said...

Ooh looks like you're just gonna have to stay inside all nice and cosy like I've done yesterday AND today! ;D

Caryn said...

Ooh, it look so lovely there - what a shame we have to take all the Christmas decorations down now!!

Caryn xxx

Tracy said...

Lovely photo's and the garden looks beautiful, I love to see untouched snow. Thanks for sharing
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Biscuitlid said...

oooh beautiful photos, really captured the feel of the day. Hmm beautiful home and garden too - wish my home looked like that!


craftingmanda said...

oh wow it looks beautful there bet the kids are loving it

Sarah said...

Great photos! I know how you feel, it's snowed most of the day here today, mainly light snow. It's been going since 6pm last night!
xx :0)

Heide said...

We are waiting for the *big snow* here in Germany. News tells us it will come today.

But really have a lot of it up there in UK. Heard in the news UK has the most snow since 25 years*gggg.



mueppi said...

Your snow pictures are wonderful!!!!
It looks beautiful!
Hugs Gisela

Sam said...

Great photos Claire. Love to see the snow untouched, the kids have stayed out of the back garden so ours still looks like that although the front garden is a different story.
Have been off work since Wednesday, hoping to get some crafting done but mr mojo has gone AWOL :-(
Sam x

Georgia said...

Such fab photos Claire - that last one really does look like a Christmas card picture! :)
Love, Georgia xx


Hello Claire, hope you are well hunny. Wow what absolutely gorgeous photos, love the snow myself, but with having to do the school run, i am actually glad that it has all melted!!! Hope you enjoyed your days off. Hugs Linda x

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful house & garden, I am so jealous!! Hope you're well honey, take care, love Steph xxx